Winter Thoughts

I’d rather be digging in the dirt.  I like to connect with Almighty’s design.  It makes me feel whole.

So, I’m thinking about the garden.

I went through my pictures from last year’s garden and began thinking of those things that didn’t work and those things that did.

Mostly, I just enjoyed looking at growing things.  I thought you’d agree…

Peppermint in flower

Mint is a win!  So far I don’t care if it takes over the space it’s in… I’ve only planted wild and aggressive plants along the north side of our house, so that they’ll thrive as they must before the patio blocks them off.

I have been especially thrilled with the seasons and seasoning uses of mint, and the beneficial bees and flies that it draws are a bonus.

volunteer amaranth in the garden

Amaranth decided to grow in the front garden last year.  There were three varieties, and I let all three grow to seed stage and pulled them just after.  We’ll see how that fares for this year…

cosmos, the surprise flowers

Lovely Cosmos, that took so long to flower that I had no idea what to expect.  A free packet of wildflower seed, and the cosmos is what took, in the front section of the garden, no less!  :)

lambs quarters with blue wing wasp

The lambs quarters were encouraged to grow last year, and the japanese green beetles made their third annual appearance… and attracted our new friends, the blue wing wasps.  These friendly beneficials and I got along very well in the garden, and their flight pattern is simply mesmerizing when you are allowed to be a part of it.

blue wing on basil flowers

Another view of a blue wing wasp, this time in the front garden on the basil I allowed to go to seed.  The flowers hosted a number of grateful pollenating insects, and were beautiful as well.

butterfly on basil

Here’s another memory of the basil visitors.  :)

lovely rattlesnake bean flower in broccoli

The contrast of green and purple gets me every time.  The rattlesnake bean flowers are lovely, dainty things.  They also attract the larger bees, but I’m okay with that too.

rattlesnake beans climbing limb trellis

I’ll close with the reminder that the recycled limb trellises were both functional and beautiful.  I hope to build more this year.

Happy garden thoughts!

Dreamin’ Gal