Cold Frame – Part 1

OK, where were we? Oh yes, back to the task at hand.  Sorry, I rabbit trailed again.

The space is finally cleared of our squatters. The leaves and debris are raked from the ground (compost pile fodder! Another project for today :) and the starts of the cold frame are set to one side. Hubby has been great help, but now he needs to go rest his overworked back.

I assemble my tools: spring rake, bow rake, shovel, measuring tape, and level. Don’t forget to wear sturdy leather gloves and good solid shoes!

Measure the door that will serve as a lid for the frame.  Then, measure the area to be certain it’s cleared.

Mark out the space to set the rear corner stones. I have five concrete blocks, so I’ll use two in each back corner, slightly angled to allow water runoff.  Dig down two or three inches to have stability at the base of the frame. Once the blocks are set in place, I measure again to make certain they’re squared up and correct distance for the lid.

The small level comes in handy to check the slope.

Dig out the back line packing the dirt down flush so that the bricks will set level. The first row was lower at one end than the other, so I back-filled with dirt to level the row.

This project is not going to be a precise one, but it should be fairly solid. A newly learned fact: all bricks are not created equal (and now a break from our regular program to gaze at some art).

Wasn’t that a nice break?  Yes, I do enjoy color and texture.  I appreciate my eyes – my sense of sight.  Yes, yes, I’ll stop before I overdo my public announcements.

Without further ado – we’ll continue this in the next post.  I think it’s time for a drink, don’t you?

Dreamin’ Girl

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