Stretching My Wings

It’s finally here… the end of the week.

I may have had you looking around for your calendar, or doing a mental check of which day it really is – yes, it’s Thursday.  Thursday signals to me that I need to wrap up my chores for the week.  If there are things that I need to get done, they’d best be on the list for today so that tomorrow is not overwhelmed with them.  I shutdown on Friday evening, so after work on Friday, there is not much time left for “to do” tasks.

This week end preparation caused me to get focused on going “live” with the blog.  You can now link to me on Pinterest or Facebook (see the right sidebar), and I’m preparing for a huge project:  kitchen organization and facelift.  I’m also preparing to start the early garden seedlings.  There’s a lot to do, and a lot to share.  I guess it’s a perfect time to stretch my wings.  :)

Here’s a handy tip for the end of the week:

Make your own Reed Diffuser


    • Decorative small mouthed glass jar (I prefer the lovely handcrafted Patron jar, but it meant I had to have a lot of margaritas!)
    • Bamboo reeds (skewer sticks also work well for this)
    • Diffuser base oil (I ordered mine from — and this simply a personal recommendation)
    • Essential oil for fragrance – choose your favorite (also purchased from, but there are other options available)
    • Small funnel (you’ll want this funnel reserved for this use only)
    • Optional:  5% – 10% Perfumer’s alcohol (added to assist wicking properties)
Using the funnel (carefully, and preferably over the sink), pour the essential fragrance oil into the jar, filling to the 1/4 or 1/3  mark of the jar.

Still using the funnel, add the essential oil to fill the jar, leaving one inch of  head space.

Add the bamboo reeds and swirl them to mix the oils.

If you find that the oil is not wicking well, you may add perfumer’s alcohol, at no more than 1/4 ratio, to thin the base.

easy DIY reed diffuser from patron bottle


larger version of the diy reed diffuser


multiple bottles for reed diffusers

There you have it!  Easy peasy!  See you next week!

Dreamin’ Girl