Expansions and Contractions

A while ago, I posted about a treasure hunt.

My son and his lovely lady had come for a weekend visit, during which we three took Hubby’s truck and scoured the area for rocks to use in the garden.

During the visit, I noticed a ring on the finger – yes, the indicative finger – of said lovely lady.  It turned out to be a ring of promise.  A promise of more to come, intentions yet unspoken, but certainly in mind.

The ring now resides on the right hand.

In its place is this wonderful family gem:

engagement ring

And next Saturday, this gem will be worn on the finger of my daughter-in-law:  The Beautiful Bride.

A wonderfully matched woman for my son.

A spectacular expansion for our family.

Needless to say, this Dreamin’ Gal has been developing a case of nerves:   checklists and fashion checks and appointments and products and planning and more.

Thankfully, I was able to emerge from the shroud of a depression so deep that it nearly consumed me.  Just in time.

We students of efficiency recognize an opportunity when we see one.

My depression-fed flab was targeted for a 90 day onslaught.  I began to think of prior exercise regimes and nixed them one by one.  Then I put my dreams into action.

  • A remodeled kitchen
  • A permanent garden area with laid paths
  • A toned body

By combining the three dream elements, I’ve been able to drop ten pounds without a single change to my diet.  I notice no more dimples in the back of my arms (and if you see dimples on them, by gosh and by golly, keep yer’ darned mouth shut!), and my energy levels have soared.

Contracted flab, tightened thighs, and now Hubby has made mention of  my improved derriere.

Good things.  Great things.  And more to come.

My other son is engaged too!  And his lovely lady will bring us instant grandkids to boot.

Happy Dreams!  Happy Expansions and contractions!


A Home Surrounded by Beauty

Darling Hubby is resting after a successful back surgery.  It seemed an appropriate time to put my mobile PC to use and share some of my recent pics.

I’ve been engaging the camera lately, trying to catch the glimpses here and there of lovely things found in our yard, waiting to find some time to share.

But first I have to tell you, I generally don’t pray.

It’s one of those spiritual issues that confounds many, but has been part of my makeup for several years.

I didn’t say that I don’t believe in God.  I just don’t make requests of Almighty.

Not often.


So, I didn’t pray today.  I didn’t feel overly worried, so it didn’t even tempt me.

Once the surgeon talked with me and let me know that Hubby came through the back surgery just fine, I returned to my game of Spider Solitaire.  Then I realized that there would be about forty-five minutes of recovery time, so I was free to go outdoors for a little while.

As soon as I breathed in the outdoor air, I felt the tension that I was not aware of loose itself from my shoulders.

And I made comment to Almighty:

Thank You!  Praise YHWH!

Hubby’s well-being is reason for thanks, and for that I feel no reason to hold back.

Big sigh of relief.

Now, without further ado, a  photo log of beauty:

monarch in lavender

ragtag monarch on lavender

poppy mallow – my favorite wildflower

lillies and hyssop and sage

larkspur close

larkspur and birdbath


hollyhock flower

plantain and oregano

plantain closeup

cosmos seed head

walking onions


hyssop close



chard and cosmos

hyssop and sage

Now that was a nice break for beautiful things.

Life is beautiful.  I’m glad to have a home surrounded by beauty.

Dreamin’ Girl

Happy Birthday, Son-Shine

My baby turned 27 today.  Middle son of three, my only birth child, special and most dear to my heart.

This is the child who made my heart swell when I told him at seventeen (during an important chat about disappointments) that when he became a parent he would look at those things he thought were done unwell in his childhood and do differently with his own child, and he responded “I wouldn’t change a thing because I turned out just fine.”

Child of my childhood, raised by an unknowing yet stubborn child-mom who said “I’ll do it my way.”

The crux.

Doing it my way.

Meaning that I’ll accept no instruction, but will learn and relearn from my own mistakes.  I’ll bump and bounce my way through it.  Yessirree!


I survived, but with many mental scars to show the struggles.  My son survived, but certainly with some leftover baggage from exposure to my whims and stuffed emotions.

I am thankful to God that my son turned out to be a wonderful man!  It was certainly through the efforts of many, and the ability he was given that allowed him to survive my parenting mistakes.

Truly, son, if you read this:  there were so very many people involved in your raising, and they all deserve credit.  I’m just a person, same as any other person, who struggled to live… who showed less than the love I felt, because an admission of love and care might be a sign of weakness, a laying bare of the soul and a lowering of the guard which kept my emotions from tripping up my motions.

This is my hope for you, as you live your legacy:

I hope one day you too have children who were as much a joy and pleasure to raise as you were.

I hope you know joy in your life and embrace it – being content in that joy, content enough to know that it is reward for living right.

I hope you recognize that money and material things only create a desire for more.  Find contentment in what you have and what you have to offer.

I hope you take your health seriously and respect the caretaking of your body as well as you’ve learned to respect your elders.

I hope you realize what a fine son you are, what a fine man, what a fine human being.  You are!

I hope love keeps you on your toes so that you never take it for granted, embrace love and live life, paying attention to not let either go dormant.

I hope you realize how proud I am that you are my son!