Organized Focus

Make a list.

No, no, no – we’re not trying to figure out who’s naughty and nice!

Seriously. Make a list.

That’s a pretty general task, isn’t it?

Okay, okay. I guess we need to have some focus.  We’ll try this again:  Make a list of the areas inside your home that are most needful of organization.

Did you do it? You might only have two areas listed. If so, congratulations! You might still be writing, because you are trying to list every single area of your home. If so, stop. You need to narrow it down to the top five spaces and make certain they are most often used spaces. The spaces can be as large as a room, or as small as a drawer, but you can only list five.

Done?  Congratulations on finding your starting focus!

Now – number that list in order of the highest priority – number one being that fire that you want/need to put out NOW!

You found your style already, right? If not, then go back to this article and figure out which style or styles are going to work best for you.

Now – at the top of that list, put your style reference: P1, P2, P3, P4

You can list more than one. Let me be more specific – it is perfectly okay to list two styles. If you list all four, fix that! You’re not being honest with yourself, really!

Ready? You’ve got your focus now, and you’ve got your style.

Take note of these basic rules as we begin:

      • organization is going to take focus
      • organization is going to take time
      • organization is not a do it once and it’s done type of feat
      • organization will become a habit
      • organization will require maintenance
      • organization will improve your self image
      • organization does not happen overnight

Okay – back to that list. Make two copies of it – it’s okay to rewrite it or scan it or photocopy it – just make two copies of that list, so that you have three identical lists.

Now, take the copies and place them here:

      • One in your purse (for reference when you are shopping)
      • One at your desk or computer area (for reference when you are researching online)
      • One on your refrigerator (for a constant reminder of your focus)

I know, I know – this seems silly doesn’t it? Think about this: you need to know your focus and you need to stay on focus, or this really is not going to work for you. These copies of the list you’ve created and prioritized are going to remind you that you have tasks to stick to and help keep you focused on staying on task. The reason for so many copies is to have many reminders – and to know there’s another copy if you lose one.

When you reference those lists, keep your priorities in order.  Do not – I repeat, do not – start focusing on number four if you have not completed number One.

As we move through your list, when you’ve completed a focus on your list, put a huge checkmark beside and it move on to the next priority. Stay focused!

Okay, now we’re ready! Let’s get organized!

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