Organized Style

What is your organizational style? How would you describe your home and your functionality?

Example One: You look around you and see all of your favorite things surrounding you.

Example Two: You look around and see only those things you want visible surrounding you.

Example Three: You look around and see everything that has happened in the last week or month or year surrounding you.

We’re different, yes? We each have a style, and a method, that is different from the next person. The best thing we can do for ourselves is find out which style/method is ours and embrace it, then use it to our advantage.

Let’s further define those three separate categories for our individualities (feel free to count yourself in more than one – some of us simply do not like to be labeled):

Simplistic/Minimalist – P1:  (Example two)

    • Generally the Martha Stewart fans
    • Leans toward perfection
    • Would rather purchase the tools for organization
    • Clean lines and no clutter show in the home
    • Clean lines and no clutter show in each organized space

Creative/Structured – P2:  (Example One)

    • More of a DIY type
    • Leans toward creative expression
    • Prefers things of beauty that have personal meaning
    • Home is more of an expression of individuality
    • Organized spaces are generally free-form

Artistic/Chaotic – P3:  (Example three)

    • Often those most inspired by the Fly Lady approach
    • An anything goes approach
    • Easy function is high priority
    • Home is a reflection of life lived frenetically
    • Organization is in large and basic format vs precision

Intellectual/Roadrunner – P4:  (any of the three examples)

    • You’ve found your style, you “get it” and you’re ready to do it
    • No need for details or endless chatter, you’re ready to cut to the chase
    • Just give you the basics and you’ll do it yourself
    • Organization is a frame of mind and your mind can easily follow a basic outline

Did you see yourself? Are you willing to drop your guard and embrace your style so that you can function without fear of failure? See, organization has to fit YOU. If you’re trying to be organized by someone else’s organizational type, you’re not giving yourself a fair chance. You have to be true to you – or else become someone else.

Ready now? Let’s tackle some organization techniques!

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