Winter Garden Preps

Yes, it truly is winter.  You couldn’t tell it by Sunday’s weather in my area, but it truly is winter!  I don’t think those crocuses above would agree.

It was a perfect day to mix up the potting soil and get the seed growing area prepped and ready for all those precious little containers of new soil and seedlings.

I was able to obtain a couple of free, but scruffy, storage cabinets that I commandeered for my side of the garage.  I just knew these items would be perfect for containing my gardening miscellany.

scrappy old cabinet with porcelain coated metal top

rough shelf unit with doors

These cabinets are nothing to look at, but once Hubby secured the backing and side panels on that first unit, they were both perfect for garage use.

It didn’t take me long to transfer my tools, and gloves, and potting recyclables, and garden project parts to fill every available space.

drawers filled to the brim

great space for bulky screen and cloth and plastics

tools and containers and project parts

It was easy to assemble the tools necessary for the day’s tasks.  Everything was easy to find and contained within a fairly small space.  How nice that was!

I was able to mix soil, and prep our sunporch to grow all the seedlings I have planned.

First I assembled the sterile soil components and necessary tools.

soil container, vermiculite, peat moss and compost mix

This is the sterile soil mix recipe I used:

  • 2 parts peat moss
  • 1 part vermiculite
  • 1 part compost/sand/perlite mix

scissors and utility razor, coffee can soil scoop, soil breaker and mixing shovel

The tools made the job easy.  That peat moss was tightly compacted, so the plastic trowel was perfect for breaking it up for scooping.

two parts peat moss

one part each vermiculite and compost mix

second layer of soil mix

I knew I would use a lot of soil mix for the self watering container, so I made a double batch – repeat recipe and stir heartily.  :)

Once the soil mix was ready, I was motivated to get that sunporch ready for use.  It was a nice day to work on the porch, and I was quite pleased with the results.

empty rack awaiting new seedlings

self watering container and extra seedling prep area

Now, to get those seeds out.  :)

Til’ later!

Dreamin’ Girl