Lawn and Garden Photo Log


Oh Spring!

spring starflower greenery

Oh, Spring,

temptress thou!

Uplifted colors –

the whispered vow.

Green, green…

a thousand of you,

your natural shades

give ode to blue.

Blue of skies

blue of eyes…

Green, yes please,

only Almighty’s green will do.



gold like flames,

reaching up toward the sun…

mid february early crocus bloom

Homage paid,

blessings done.

Gold for God,

Who bows to none.

tulips poking thru

Oh see, another

stakes its hold!

These too pay homage,

blessings told.

Whispers of red,

truth yet untold…

whispers unsaid,

vows to unfold.

Oh Spring,

Temptress thou!