Discovering New Things, Or At Least Making My Own Mistakes

I was leary as this garden season progressed.  Everything but the weeds seemed to move so slowly, and the lack of nice orderly rows gave me heebie-jeebies galore.  But the garden is coming on strong, and has become something of a delight to behold.  Production has just truly begun, as the carrots now outpace the peas and cilantro – oh, that crazy productive cilantro!  I’ve scattered seeds along the neighboring lot border to allow it to continue in its claim of the land.

New insects appeared this year by the multitudes.  Squash vine borer was the most obvious, and my vines were not covered.  I identified the entry spots on the main pumpkin vine and applied a plaintain weed poultice at every point after snapping off a few of the leaves and vine branches.  Each hole was covered with plaintain poultice.  That was a month ago and I’ve not seen more than a few yellowed leaves at the primary site.  We’ll see if that was a success.

The plantain grows prolifically in my yard, and I’ve been using it on bites, most recently on a bite that had necrosis (yes, brown recluse spiders are resident here).  The bite healed completely.  My thought was ‘why not’ when I considered its use on the plants.

Below is a sampling of the beauty and diversity I’ve discovered in the garden this season.  I’m making this post my last – as I’ve determined it’s simply time.  Time to use my time elsewhere.

Thanks for being along for the ride!  This blog will stay live, but no longer active.

No Longer Dreamin’

Expansions and Contractions

A while ago, I posted about a treasure hunt.

My son and his lovely lady had come for a weekend visit, during which we three took Hubby’s truck and scoured the area for rocks to use in the garden.

During the visit, I noticed a ring on the finger – yes, the indicative finger – of said lovely lady.  It turned out to be a ring of promise.  A promise of more to come, intentions yet unspoken, but certainly in mind.

The ring now resides on the right hand.

In its place is this wonderful family gem:

engagement ring

And next Saturday, this gem will be worn on the finger of my daughter-in-law:  The Beautiful Bride.

A wonderfully matched woman for my son.

A spectacular expansion for our family.

Needless to say, this Dreamin’ Gal has been developing a case of nerves:   checklists and fashion checks and appointments and products and planning and more.

Thankfully, I was able to emerge from the shroud of a depression so deep that it nearly consumed me.  Just in time.

We students of efficiency recognize an opportunity when we see one.

My depression-fed flab was targeted for a 90 day onslaught.  I began to think of prior exercise regimes and nixed them one by one.  Then I put my dreams into action.

  • A remodeled kitchen
  • A permanent garden area with laid paths
  • A toned body

By combining the three dream elements, I’ve been able to drop ten pounds without a single change to my diet.  I notice no more dimples in the back of my arms (and if you see dimples on them, by gosh and by golly, keep yer’ darned mouth shut!), and my energy levels have soared.

Contracted flab, tightened thighs, and now Hubby has made mention of  my improved derriere.

Good things.  Great things.  And more to come.

My other son is engaged too!  And his lovely lady will bring us instant grandkids to boot.

Happy Dreams!  Happy Expansions and contractions!