My Health Food Obsession

You’ll notice I reference healthy food often.  It’s an obsession of mine.  I recognize it.  It’s addictive to eat well when you know that it’s improving your life.

That’s a very serious statement, isn’t it? Knowing that eating well is improving your life.

I’m very serious about it. I’ll tell you why.

Since childhood, I’ve been the one who always had to have Kleenex on hand. “Moose” was a nickname I earned early on (and thankfully moved away from) due to my constant snorting to keep my congested nose from dripping.

Allergic rhinitis.

Chronic sinus infections.

These were terms I learned as an adult, along with allergy skin tests and allergy shots.  I had reactions to nearly every airborne particle they test.  Grass, most tree pollens, most weed pollens, mold, mites, animal dander, tobacco… the list was overwhelming.  No wonder my nose ran nearly all year long.  I smoked as well, so that set me up for more serious things like bronchitis.  I accepted it as a part of life.

I did notice improvement once I quit smoking, but mostly in regard to the bronchitis. Allergic rhinitis and sinus infections were still a near constant plague.

Then I had some health changes.

Tests showed that I had demyelinating disease.  With family who had died from compromised systems due to MS, I was aware of my general options.  I dug deeper and found that a suppressed autoimmune system was likely a cause.

I was determined to build up my immune system.  A friend finally convinced me that the additional costs of moving toward organic and natural foods would be compensated by the lowered health costs and added health benefits in the long run.

I started reading ingredient labels carefully, and began practicing a new shopping approach:  stay on the perimeter of the grocery store.  The processed and chemical-laden foods are generally found in the center aisles, while the more natural and basic products are along the outside “U” shape of every grocery store.  The perimeter will contain your produce, dairy and meats.

Additionally, I began canning foods and making my own mixes.

It took a mere six months for me to realize that my allergies had almost disappeared.

The true test was ragweed season, and we have our own personal ragweed patch on the neighboring yard.


I had little to no reaction!  A slight bit of congestion in the morning, and clear the rest of the day.

It seems I was really allergic to the processing ingredients in those staple, easy boxed and packaged foods I had been eating for years.

Additionally, my neurological symptoms became extremely mild. I have them, I will not kid you there, but they are infrequent and not lasting, and much milder than when they first appeared.

Now, you see, I’m obsessed with healthy foods!

Dreamin’ Girl