Construction Alert and Clearing the Fog

Well hello there, Practicalities world!

It seems that I lost  my practical nature, as I hunkered down and focused to preserve my well-being.

But the fog is now lifting, and my B vitamins are now recharging, giving me clarity and restocking my depleted energy reserves.

So prepare for some dust disturbing, please.

As the cloud of memory loss and depression settled upon me, I lost the site focus and merged my angst into the realm of practical things.

My sincere apologies.

I’ve now created a time and space for such airing and I’ll be moving posts around to better separate my artistic side and my opinion side and my practical side.

Hang in there now, ya hear?!

misty mt close

fog on the mountain range

Dreamin’ Girl





Timeless and Wordless

Lately, there’s not been the time (or appropriate mindset) for blog updates.

But I have been using a camera for stress relief, so I created another blog to share my photos.  Another learning experience I’m sharing with the public, oh my!

Photo Log by Dreamin’ Girl

Jump on over if you dare.


Still Dreamin’

Expansions and Contractions

A while ago, I posted about a treasure hunt.

My son and his lovely lady had come for a weekend visit, during which we three took Hubby’s truck and scoured the area for rocks to use in the garden.

During the visit, I noticed a ring on the finger – yes, the indicative finger – of said lovely lady.  It turned out to be a ring of promise.  A promise of more to come, intentions yet unspoken, but certainly in mind.

The ring now resides on the right hand.

In its place is this wonderful family gem:

engagement ring

And next Saturday, this gem will be worn on the finger of my daughter-in-law:  The Beautiful Bride.

A wonderfully matched woman for my son.

A spectacular expansion for our family.

Needless to say, this Dreamin’ Gal has been developing a case of nerves:   checklists and fashion checks and appointments and products and planning and more.

Thankfully, I was able to emerge from the shroud of a depression so deep that it nearly consumed me.  Just in time.

We students of efficiency recognize an opportunity when we see one.

My depression-fed flab was targeted for a 90 day onslaught.  I began to think of prior exercise regimes and nixed them one by one.  Then I put my dreams into action.

  • A remodeled kitchen
  • A permanent garden area with laid paths
  • A toned body

By combining the three dream elements, I’ve been able to drop ten pounds without a single change to my diet.  I notice no more dimples in the back of my arms (and if you see dimples on them, by gosh and by golly, keep yer’ darned mouth shut!), and my energy levels have soared.

Contracted flab, tightened thighs, and now Hubby has made mention of  my improved derriere.

Good things.  Great things.  And more to come.

My other son is engaged too!  And his lovely lady will bring us instant grandkids to boot.

Happy Dreams!  Happy Expansions and contractions!