About Author Dreamin’ Girl

Dreamin' Girl

My Hubby calls me his Lil’ Hippy.  Not the stereotype, mind you, but the “all natural, live as simply as possible” type.  I won’t disagree.  :)

Now in my middle years, I realize that we’ve become a consumer society that has lost sight of simple yet important skills, so I’m trying to learn old skills that I could pass along to my grandchildren.

I am anal about eating healthy, and growing chemical free yard and garden.  My spaces include some dirt, grime and grease, and occasional clutter because I’m not anal about housework or spic-and-span outdoor spaces.

I work toward being organized, but efficiency is my end goal.  I was a Professional Organizer for a while and I was told I was quite good at it.  My original life plan was to be an interior designer, but plans changed.  I still enjoy designing my own interior spaces.

I have a new minor obsession with being prepared for emergency situations.  I am not a doomsday person, but I do recognize that this world we take for granted may be overdue for change, and change is generally brought about by some sort of large shift, be it on a personal scale, community scale, or national scale.

I’ve lived through some rough parts of life, I’ve lived through some frightening parts of life, and I’ve lived many joyous and fulfilling moments of life.  If I tell you I’ve been through it, trust that I have.  I was only sheltered during my childhood, so the larger portion has been experience learned.

That brings us to my most personal, belief in Almighty, God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.  Yes, I believe.   Yes, I keep the Law to the best of my ability.  I won’t press it, but it’ll be mentioned here and there – that’s just how I am.

What this means is that the articles I share will be a scrapbook of my life.  Some will showcase skills, old and new; some will be adventurous learning experiences, which will include both success and failure; some will dive into deep waters: emotions and pain, bad habits and harrowing experiences, societal issues and drama; and some will be simple logs of daily life, showcasing the good stuff that happens along the way.

Stick around, and we’ll just keep on sharing, practically.  ;)

Dreamin’ Girl



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