About Practicalities


The quality or state of being practical.
The aspects of a situation that involve the actual doing or experience of something rather than theories or ideas.

Welcome to Practicalities!

This site is a combination of practicalities – those things that have purpose and are directly applicable to life, and those methods that make life easier and worth living.  Mixed into it all will be necessities and frivolities, because a sole focus of practical things and practical living will leave you feeling rather dry and dull.

Follow along on an exploration of living and life:

Practicalities: Where common sense meets compromise:

Born from genuine living.

Author Dreamin’ Girl is a midwestern mom, wife, grandma – first and foremost.  She began this site in an attempt to share those things that have come with hard learning, regrets, and practice.  Learning is an impetus as well, so follow along as new things are learned and shared.

I always preferred reading books in my earlier years.  I was called a book worm, but book termite would have been more appropriate, since I voraciously consumed each book I latched onto.  One of the books that helped to shape the rest of my life is:  Cheaper By the Dozen, by Frank Bunker Gilbreth, Jr. and Ernestine Gilbreth Carey.  The concept of efficiency grabbed me and never let me go.”

Practicalities will focus on doing things that make sense for the home and for family living, with a spin on making some of those things touch the heart by design or impractical approach.  If you always live life in black and white, you forget that each breath is a gift to be savored.

Practicalities come in many shapes, sizes, forms and categories.  We’ve tried to address some of life’s most pressing practical issues, and left some to be addressed by other resources.  Here is a quick summary of our focus:


Black and white.  Get used to black and white when you are dealing with finances.  Leave yourself a small area of grey, so that you don’t feel like a slinky ready to spring, but mostly stick to black and white.  We’ll take it a few basics at a time, but repeat after me:  black and white.  :)

Food and Function:

Practicality will get the best of us here.  There are so many recipes of interest, and so much that could be shared – but, we want to pass on those things that are tested in our homes.  You’ll note that the recipes and articles will reflect the individuals of Practicalities.  There will be a mix of made from scratch, organic, and healthy fares.   Added into the mix will be healthful teas and drinks, with poultices and household blends.

If you’ve ever poked through a version of the White House Cookbook, you’ll have a notion of what we’ll share here.  There will be no formal seating recommendations for parties and affairs, but there will be practical advice for maintaining the health and welfare of your family and home.

*Disclaimer:  None of the Authors on Practicalities are schooled in health or medicine.  The items that have been recommended are done so based on general research for good nutrition, and based on practical experiences.  As always, use caution in using any new ingredients, and keep in mind all allergies that might affect you or your family, in particular.


Ah, here we are.  This is where the rubber meets the road. Some of us just love to play in the dirt.  Pure and simple truth, that is.  The connection with the earth in its truest sense is the garden – that creation that man/Adam was meant for.

Follow along as we connect with our past and embrace hope for the future.  This garden is going to follow new traditions and old traditions.  This garden will test concepts that are forgotten, and bring focus to what is most important for successful futures.  Brush up on terms like compost, raised bed, container gardens, herbs, companion planting, ollas, beneficial insects, heirloom plants and organic.  These terms will be the focus here.  We’ll also take a look at forest gardens, permaculture and hugelkultur – terms I’m learning now.

Juggle Work and Home:

You have to be flexible to juggle work and home.  That’s the gist of these articles.  Flexibility.  Solid and sturdy like a backbone – that can bend in several ways to fit the needs that arise.  Flexibility meets practicality here.  Common sense meets compromise here.  Everyone is going to need to define their terms, so what you read here is only one approach.  Use your newly awakened awareness of flexibility to make it work for you.

Part of being flexible is acknowledging your cares and concerns.  The rest of being flexible has more to do with your core beliefs.  We’ll touch on these things:  Domestic Issues, Emotions, Health, the School of Hard Knocks, and Self-Awareness.


Here, ladies and gents, we get down to the extremely practical.  Organization.  Where black and white are no longer black and white because they have to match your perfect shade!

Yes, that’s right.  You did read that correctly – you can certainly go right back and read it again.  Organization is a personal thing.  There are some basic rules, sure, but organization has to fit YOU in order for it to work.  Makes sense now, doesn’t it.

We don’t all do things the same way, and organization has its foundation built on efficiency.  So, the first project in organization is getting to know yourself.  Sure, we’ll talk about some fantastic methods for organizing spaces.  We’ll also talk about some fantastic tools for organization.  At the end of the day though, the methods and tools that work for you may not be the same that work for your sister, or your mother.  We are made to be individuals, so let’s tap into that individuality!

There you have it:  

Practicalities:  Where common sense meets compromise

Jump right in and enjoy as we discover and share necessary and practical things, with an air of flair mixed in on occasion.

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