Garden Start

walking onion seat


The garden is taking shape.  The walking onions and garlic have set the pace, giving the semblance of organization in my haphazard plans.



Tomato seedlings and pepper seedlings are doing well indoors and are nearly ready to move to the sun porch for a few weeks of hardening off before I plant them.





Part of my haphazard approach was to allow the lettuce to go to seed in a few locations.  The result is a nice start of lettuce growing in both the self watering tub and in the garden proper.

Additionally, parsley and cilantro were allowed to self seed and are growing wonderfully.  The cilantro was quite prolific and will do a great job of providing ground cover as I await further growth of the peas and carrots.

Grapevines have surprised me with lovely new buds of growth, as cosmos volunteers abound.  The asparagus was also a nice surprise regrowth, although only two of my plants have emerged.

I ignored the water trough planter, so very nearly killed the strawberries.  There are a few stragglers growing quite well, but greatly reduced from the fabulous growth the past few years.

Herbs are doing well again, and the hyssop has flourished, with several new lavender plants taking hold as well.

I took a closer look at the yard footprint and will be able to create a space just for corn and squash – asking Hubby to till up the space so that I can smother it with straw for this year.

That’s the scoop with the garden so far.

Happy Spring!




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