Handy Tip for Fresh Lettuce

I’ve been using this handy process for about a year.  I sometimes forget during the hustle and bustle of putting away groceries and carrying on with the daily duties of life.  But I’m quickly reminded when I return to the crisper drawer days later to find limp lettuce.  What a disappointment!

Follow these steps and there will be a handy source of fresh, crisp lettuce that lasts 2 to 3 weeks:

Cold water bath for lettuce

First, run a sink of cold water.  Then separate the individual lettuce leaves and place into the water.  Swish the lettuce lightly to rinse away any dust.

Drain the lettuce on a towel

After rinsing the lettuce, pick out a few leaves at a time and shake them over the sink to remove the excess water from them.  Place them onto a dry, clean towel. I prefer an older cotton dish towel.
Drain the lettuce

Once all of the pieces have been rinsed, shaken and placed on the towel, drain the water from the sink, then pull up the ends of the towel to roll all of the lettuce to the center.

Wrap lettuce

Then softly wrap the ends of the towel to form a loose blanket around the lettuce.

Ready to use lettuce

Place the towel wrapped lettuce into your refrigerator crisper drawer.

This will keep lettuce fresh and crisp for two weeks, sometimes lasting up to three weeks.

Say goodbye to limp lettuce.

Dreamin’ Girl


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