Reflections of Shabbat

Yesterday, as is typical on shabbat, I spent time relaxing and taking in the outdoors.

Breathing in the near-country air, and reveling in the sights and sounds of a healthy yard give me great satisfaction.  It’s a necessary recharge for this introverted gal.

What I noticed yesterday in particular was the insect population, both good, bad and neutral.

Ant hills dot the yard.  These busy yard citizens are defying the hard packed soil and building in every bare locale.  Fat ones, skinny ones, red ones, black ones – constant motion all.

Gnats are beginning to show, little annoyances that tickle my skin.

Mosquitoes were mostly quiet yesterday, although they are certainly amassed and ready for conquer this year.  Our drained pool/pond was an attractant like no other, of this I’m certain.

Paper wasps are busily building a structure on the fence, just behind my clematis bush.  I’ll warn visitors who choose to sit in the area, as I’d rather they build there than above the entrance door as they tend to do.

Ladybugs are every place I look in the yard this year.  Not en masse, mind you, simply quiet little worker bugs who have spread out to selectively rule over their predators in every corner.  As I sat, I watched many of them lifting and alighting across the lawn.

Flea beetles have managed to find the broccoli, in concert with the cabbage moth.  Little holes, big holes – they’ve done much damage in a short time.

Negro bugs are appearing across the gardens.  I just identified these little shiny things today, and cannot quite decide if they’re foe or neutral.  I don’t see damage on the leafs they’re on, but will watch them closely.

Butterflies are making an appearance, flitting and flirting in crazed dance recitals held in the air.

A special treat was the aerial flight of a goatsbeard seed, gracefully floating like a parasol bent upward, to land just nearby.  I can’t describe the simple joy this flight imparted.

goatsbeard seed head

Isn’t God’s creation grand?

Dreamin’ Gal


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