Lack-a-Daisy Garden

I had a daisy show up in the flower garden a few years back.  It was unexpected, as I can’t seem to grow daisies no matter how hard I try.  I’ll settle for surprise daisies if another shows itself.

The garden this year lacks daisies, but it certainly borders lackadaisical.  As you may have noticed, I allow several weeds in the garden.  I allow them as ground cover and to shade tender starts.  It’s a risk I take, as they grow and become competition for resources.

What follows is a tour of my garden spaces, showing the beauty along with the wildness and overgrowth.  It’s a work in progress, a learning point on my timeline.

water troughThe stalwart water trough planter has performed fabulously again.  I’ve filled the reservoir once this spring and the soil is still moist from our rain season.

ripe strawberryThe strawberry harvest has ended, but these berries were delicious!

self water containerLikewise, the self-watering container has been a resounding success.  I have not added a thing to this planter, allowing it to produce from last year’s bolted lettuce and its only water source the winter snow and spring rains.

permanent tomato cageHubby set up this tomato cage based on my design last year.  I hope that it provides sturdy support when the Kansas winds blow the matured plants mid-summer.  Tomatoes and peppers are planted and flowering, with some setting fruit.

first tomatoI can hardly wait for this lovely bit of goodness to ripen.

raspberryThe new raspberry plants are doing well, with a small sampling of fruit set on.

toro blueberryThe new blueberry bushes are producing in small batches.

chippewa blueberryThere were dozens of flowers on this blueberry bush, but most of them did not set fruit.

flowers in the gardenSince I now have permanent beds in the back garden, I’m working to establish permanent or self-seeding plants and color as well.  Here is a peek at the poppies, lambs quarters, lavender and zinnias.  A bit of dill is hiding in the poppies and false nettle is growing alongside the zinnias.

bolted spinachSpinach has bolted and I’m allowing it to go to seed for collection.  The lambs quarters, henbit and false nettle are providing ground cover as I await the rattlesnake beans to sprout.

cantaloupeCantaloupe is doing well on the east side of the hugelkultur bed, while the henbit was forced to give way as it had exceeded it’s boundary.

broccoliBroccoli hides beneath poppies on the south side of the hugelkultur bed, coyly stretching to receive the sunlight.

thyme and beetsLemon thyme has been planted on the hugelkultur bed, as beets make their slow appearance.

grapevines and sweet potatoesThe new grapevines are doing very well and the sweet potato vines have appeared.  I’m hoping the potato vines will help shade the ground from the mid-summer sun.  Cosmos and hollyhocks are also coming up here.

chardA few chards survived to establish near the grapes.

cucumbersCucumbers have begun to stretch and grow.

cilantroCilantro is a garden necessity, as salsa is just not the same without it.

beauty bush flowers

The beauty bush has flowered for the second year.  The flowers just astound me, and they last nearly three weeks.

clematisClematis anchors a perennial flower bed.

perennial flowersThe rear perennial flower bed is slowly filling out.

heirloom roseThe lovely heirloom miniature rose graces the front perennial flower bed, alongside the chrysanthemums and hyssop.

And just to show that I haven’t been all play and no work, here’s a quick look at the slow progress in the kitchen:

painted cabinets

We’re slowly getting bits and pieces done, with the walls nearly ready for paint and the upper cabinets needing sanded for paint.  The floor will follow, with hopes that the ceiling will be a project that Hubby and I can tackle ourselves.

Til later!

Dreamin’ Girl


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