Let It Roll

It’s been two fast-moving months of Moments in Dreamin’ Girl world.  Moments that have had ripple effects, but not those moments where you take the direct hit, ya know?

I’m quite relieved to be moving past that period of time, and thankful that there were also many happy moments inserted within.

Hubby and I quietly celebrated our 22nd anniversary.

Our middle son turned 27.

Our grandson turned ONE!

Our oldest son and his wife moved to temporary quarters as they wait for their new home to be built.  It will happen just in time for them to get settled in with their son, before their twins arrive in 2013.   Grandma news is always good news!

Our middle son and his lovely lady are now engaged, and pending word on a house for which they have made an offer.

Our youngest son has moved to a new location and has taken on more responsibility at his workplace.

Hubby has now returned to work, post-surgery, after a successful recuperative period.

I’ve had a good share of pool time so far this summer, and we’ve had family visitors who were able to share that pool time.

I was able to attend a family reunion with all of my siblings, and introduced my son and his fiance to family I had not seen in nearly twenty years.

My brother taught me to shoot clay pigeons, with a 12 gauge, and I not only survived the ordeal, but found it somewhat exhilarating

We were able to get all three of the new family babes together for a picture, a very special picture of three cousins born on the same morning.  How often can you say that?

Many good things, and many good times, with more to come.

But it has been a trying two months:

Hubby had back surgery and was not allowed to do any house or yard work

A disabled (and needy) friend has been rooming with us due to domestic issues

My workplace has moved into its third stage of major change in two months

Our area is in drought conditions so the garden has become small enclaves of critical care or survivor plants

A special uncle died while his wife, a special aunt, was in the hospital

Our A/C quit on a triple digit day, while we were hosting a family gathering

Each event, each moment on its own brings those ripples of effect into our life.  Combined, these moments have felt like large storm surges, crashing in upon us and pulling us under with the mighty force of surrender.  But surrender we have not.

We just roll with it, because that’s what we can do.

Wake up and stretch, and be thankful for each new day.  Then prepare for whatever ripple comes along.

Let it roll.


Dreamin’ Girl


2 thoughts on “Let It Roll

  1. Congratulations on your wedding anniversary and family news (births and otherwise)! Life.. ups and downs… Keep it up Trisha! :-)


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