Time Munchers and Pancakes

Pinterest and Facebooks are time munchers.

Just imagine that little Pac-Man mouth, gobbling away at little bubbles of free time – that’s what happens to time when I open Pinterest or Facebook.

What’s a girl to do about that?

It’s a double-edged sword, for certain.

There are positive aspects of both sites, but the negative will easily outweigh those positives if I’m not careful.

The positive things about Pinterest:

  • my boards are easy tools to find those items that I’ve pre-screened as “keepers”, especially food or household recipes;
  • my favorite links have led me to find new blogs that I now follow on Facebook.

The downside is that I was not looking for those recipes or those blogs, although I’m glad they’re available.

Compare Pinterest to a giant shopping catalog.

Remember those Sears catalogs?  Everyone in our house would take turns, flipping dog-eared pages and marking our favorite “wants”.  The pictures create a longing in us for things that weren’t on our mind before we saw them.

Then there’s Facebook.

Facebook can be a useful tool:

  • to keep in touch (if you can equate type to touch) with dear friends and family who are also living busy lives;
  • there are family photos that I can easily access to make prints;
  • it’s also easy to create groups for high school reunions, or special interests.

I’ve added resourceful pages to my news feed and joined groups that allow me to connect with people who share the same interests.

Initially, Facebook was a mind sucking daily soap opera,  with a barrage of game ads and requests.  I was lured for a while by the daily dramas played out, but that quickly grew old.

I felt the need to counter the drama with my own placid version of life, then would be left with the comparisons of who liked what I said.  It created an emotional void, where the lack of interaction was deemed just as strong a representative as those likes and comments.

There came a point where serious changes had to be made:

  • first I adjusted my settings, so I only see what I want to on each site;
  • then I had to refrain from giving too much time to the sites, allowing a 20 minute block twice daily to catch up on what might be missing in my life.

I know.  You’re wondering:  Is there a point to all this?

But, of course!  :)

A few months ago I found this homemade baking mix on Pinterest.  It was right around Passover, so I knew that with the Days of Unleavened Bread it would not be something I would make soon.  So I bookmarked it for later.

Uh-huh. Yep.  It’s later.

I made up the batch a few weeks ago and stored it in the fridge, ready whenever I got around to it.

Of course, being the health nut that I am, I improved the ingredients slightly, using aluminum free baking powder, raw sugar, and mineral salt – and there was definitely organic butter included.

I finally tested the biscuits and they were delicious!  Light, airy, tasty, crunchy.  Good stuff Maynard!

The only downside:  they crumbled when we bit into them or tried to butter them or spread jam on them.  I’m guessing it’s because the mix is stored in the refrigerator, so next time I will allow the mix to warm to room temperature before they are baked.

Then, I made the pancakes.

You .  have .  to .  try .  these .  pancakes.


They are that good!

I wanted to taste them while I was still making them, but just had to have a bit of syrup for the real taste test.  Half the plate later, Hubby came in to see if his plate was ready.

Oh, oops!

Seems I got carried away with the tasting.

Just call me Miss Pac-Man.


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