Stinkhorns and Other Lawn Squatters

what sort of fungus

This has to be one of the strangest mushrooms!

It seems we have the perfect environment for them, as I had five pop up at the same time a few weeks ago.  I did a quick online search and found that it’s a Stinkhorn, only edible at the puffball stage, so I’d have to mark the spot and dig it up if I wanted to try it out.

I have to tell you, it certainly doesn’t appear appetizing at this stage.  I’ve not leaned in close enough to smell it, but from what I’ve read, it’s earned its name.  I’ll trust the source.

The plant below is one I’ve fought in the lawn every year.

This year it had reached flower stage before I caught it, so I’ve let it be.  I’ll pay for that later, because this thing multiplies like rabbits!

invasive plant

I’ve pulled out weed identification books and native plant books but have not been able to name this invasive.

invasive leaf closeup

The flowers certainly aren’t eye-catching until you’re right up on them.  They have a very subtle charm.

invasive flower closeup

The plant below is another that grows here and there.  I allow it because it’s just a lovely little plant that makes me think of daisies.

aster like weed

close up aster weed

I’ve noticed an influx of guests to our lawn and gardens this year, and I’m hoping they’ll put down stakes and stay awhile.

It’s all come about since I’ve become more relaxed about weed growing and done some purposeful planting of those things that attract beneficial insects.

The lacewings have been very active, as have the ladybugs.

We’ve got dragonflies for the third year along with returning hover flies and parasitic wasps.

Additionally, I’ve seen an abundance of honey bees and butterflies.  I did not harvest lavender or hyssop this year, allowing the insects full harvest rights.  The drought has taken a toll and even the white clover has suffered.  A busy little community has moved in, making good use of the pampered nectar.

I know it’s a stretch of the terms, but it makes me feel like I may be doing something similar to leaving the corners for the poor of the land.  Torah style.

That’s all for now…


Dreamin’ Girl


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