Happy Birthday, Son-Shine

My baby turned 27 today.  Middle son of three, my only birth child, special and most dear to my heart.

This is the child who made my heart swell when I told him at seventeen (during an important chat about disappointments) that when he became a parent he would look at those things he thought were done unwell in his childhood and do differently with his own child, and he responded “I wouldn’t change a thing because I turned out just fine.”

Child of my childhood, raised by an unknowing yet stubborn child-mom who said “I’ll do it my way.”

The crux.

Doing it my way.

Meaning that I’ll accept no instruction, but will learn and relearn from my own mistakes.  I’ll bump and bounce my way through it.  Yessirree!


I survived, but with many mental scars to show the struggles.  My son survived, but certainly with some leftover baggage from exposure to my whims and stuffed emotions.

I am thankful to God that my son turned out to be a wonderful man!  It was certainly through the efforts of many, and the ability he was given that allowed him to survive my parenting mistakes.

Truly, son, if you read this:  there were so very many people involved in your raising, and they all deserve credit.  I’m just a person, same as any other person, who struggled to live… who showed less than the love I felt, because an admission of love and care might be a sign of weakness, a laying bare of the soul and a lowering of the guard which kept my emotions from tripping up my motions.

This is my hope for you, as you live your legacy:

I hope one day you too have children who were as much a joy and pleasure to raise as you were.

I hope you know joy in your life and embrace it – being content in that joy, content enough to know that it is reward for living right.

I hope you recognize that money and material things only create a desire for more.  Find contentment in what you have and what you have to offer.

I hope you take your health seriously and respect the caretaking of your body as well as you’ve learned to respect your elders.

I hope you realize what a fine son you are, what a fine man, what a fine human being.  You are!

I hope love keeps you on your toes so that you never take it for granted, embrace love and live life, paying attention to not let either go dormant.

I hope you realize how proud I am that you are my son!




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