What’s Growing

May is just around the corner.  Time to get down to business in the garden.

Today will be a planting day; the seed starts are stretching and yawing and need to go into the ground.

Here’s an update of what’s growing:

cucumbers and melons and peppers and flowers

tomatoes ready to plant

The first leaky bucket I planted has not impressed me.  The radishes have done very well – I’ve been harvesting them for salads – but the carrots and parsley are puny.

The second leaky bucket has been a big winner.  The main difference between the two buckets is that this second started off outdoors, two weeks after the first bucket was planted.  The carrots in this bucket are giants comparatively!

The self watering container is doing fairly well.  The kale and radishes look good, but the lettuce seems to struggle a bit.  The onions are there, barely.  The jury is still out on how those late seeded onions will fare.

I have two separate oregano beds, one a lighter and more prolific type, and this type which is darker in color and has a more pungent flavor and smell (yes, I lost my labels and cannot recall what I planted).  I like to mix them for a nice blend once the leaves are dried.

Lovely lavender is preparing to bloom.  The bees will be oh, so happy!  I have two lavender shrubs and have allowed them to get too woody, so will attempt lavender propagation this year.

Here’s the first salvia bloom of the season.  Purple is such a wonderful garden color!

Tiny hyssop buds preparing to flower.  I’ve read that hyssop was used a lot as an air freshener in hospitals, but I just don’t “get it”.  Hyssop smells sort of skunky to me.

This is the rag-tag border, with wild violet and plantain.  I see asiatic day flower crowding in as well – I’ll have to put a halt to that!  I allow native invasives (yes, weeds, but beneficial weeds), but those day flowers are not welcome here.

I set the rosemary out a bit early.  We have had cool mornings lately and it’s a bit shocked by the change.  The walking onion container is my “mother plant”, which produced fifteen bulbs last summer.

There’s the start.  Now to get busy so I can get those poor leggy plants into the ground!


Dreamin’ Girl

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