Continued Seed Starts

Last week, I got a “get of out a meeting free” card.

The Friends of Library board that I’m on was not able to meet, so my evening time was suddenly free.

Oh, the possibilities!

So many things I could do.

So many options to choose from.

I now had choices.

Oh yes, I’m certain you’ll be surprised that I chose to start more seeds for the gardens.

Last Wednesday, I assembled the heirloom seed packets and reviewed what had failed from my previous starts, then set to work starting more seeds.  There was a contented smile on my face as I worked.

The beets were a 50% germination rate, so more of those were sown.  

I had lost one tomato start, so it was a perfect opportunity to plant three more.

The broccoli was also only 50% germination, so I planted a few more.  This particular broccoli is great to pull young new stalks for salads.

Two of my peppers failed to germinate, so I planted four more.

New on the list of starts is cauliflower, which already has one seedling.

Melons were also started inside this year.  I like these melons so well that I will grow two rounds, the second round straight into the soil.

I also started cucumbers in pots for the first time, and this morning each start was poking through the soil.

I was encouraged by the great response of the marigolds to their indoor start on the west porch, so I started more flower seeds.

Chamomile has made its tiny new seedling appearance.

Calendula will be a new flower in the garden this year, should it respond to the indoor start.

Yarrow was sown, along with daisy, coneflower and black eye susan.

I’ve yet to get spinach into soil.   I’m quickly running out of time, and we’re due for rain and thunderstorms today and tomorrow.  It may be time to wrap up this post, do a quick shot of coffee, and get out to that water trough planter and sow spinach!

I’m out of here!

Dreamin’ Girl


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