Gettin’ It Done Update



I trusted that what I was told would be true!

On Friday, an acquaintance mentioned that the weekend was going to be a great one, with high temperatures and sunshine (well, perhaps that’s not what was said, but that’s truly what I chose to hear).  I plotted and planned for dirt digging and seed poking and strewing.

Alas!  It was to no avail.  The weather was not conducive for either spring chores or seed planting.

What’s a Dreamin’ Girl to do?

I ad-libbed.

I went grocery/household shopping, whipped up a batch of potato salad, restocked the iced tea pitchers and then cooked up a batch of meat and canned it.  All the while, I pined for the dirt that I so wanted to play in.  :)

Here’s a gardening recap:

The project two weeks ago was mostly successful.

Radishes are the top grower, not surprisingly.  They make a strong show in both the carrot bucket and the self-water container.


Lettuce and kale are doing well.  A second start of these will be planned soon (yes, still pining).

lettuce and kale

Little onion wisps are beginning to show now.  Growth is successful, but the test will be whether or not they’ll survive in the container.


Peppers and tomatoes are also doing well.  The beets had a 50% success rate, so I’ll plant more soon.

peppers and beettomatoes

The strong leader is the marigolds, which is truly a surprise to me.  I’ll be certain to start them on the cool porch next season as well.

marigold and basil

Next, I’m hoping to plant seed containers of spinach, melons, cucumbers, cilantro and several flowers.  I also plan to poke sweet peas into the ground this week, and get some spinach planted into the water trough strawberry garden.

How are your garden plans?

Dreamin’ Girl


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