Organize Your Thoughts: Mindset

One of the keys to being able to organize yourself is your mindset.

An organized mindset is not required to get started if you are able to bring in a professional to do the job, but if you’re doing it yourself, it will be the difference between detached spaces of organization and truly feeling that your spaces are organized.

What is the mindset and how do you achieve it?

The mindset is a picture, an accurate vision of what you want to accomplish.

Note that I said accurate vision.  This means that you cannot look at a Martha Stewart photo log and presume that your home or your space is going to mimic that scene.

Your vision of organization must be realistically set to meet your personal life, your personal style, your personal decor.

Hone Your Vision

Take a good look at your style.
  • Clean lines, color coordinated, symmetrical design;
  • Simple design, mixed but muted color palettes, mixed textiles and patterns;
  • Fun and funky, surprise color combos, mixed architectural scales and designs.

These are three very general styles to help find your fit.  Feel free to find some crossover between them.  This will help you visualize your big picture goal.

Take a good look at your schedule.
  • What is your standard routine?
  • Do you have a routine?
  • Which parts of the schedule work and why?
  • What things are not working well?  Why not?

Simply organizing your physical parts and pieces will not automatically fix habits and schedules that are broken.  Take a good honest look at what really works well in your daily routine and pinpoint what makes that work.  How do you incorporate that working piece into other areas of your home?

For the things that are not working, dig into the reason.  If you’re running late every day because you can’t find your keys, or the shoes to match your outfit, you have a pattern to fix.  You need to establish a home for the things you have and make certain you set yourself into a routine of placing those items in their home every time you finish using them.

Take a good look at your available space.
  • Do you have a lot of storage space?
  • Could you turn unused space into storage space?
  • Could you opt for furniture that doubles as storage?

Be realistic.  Your floor plan is not likely to change.  Your budget is not likely to change.  What options exist for the current items at hand?

Figure out which storage method fits you.
  • Detailed and precise – silverware sets separated, colored glassware separated, hair doodads separated by color then by bobby pins and hair-clips and barrettes
  • Sorted by type – silverware sets mixed but separated by formal or casual use, plastic ware separate from glassware, hair doodads separated by ties and headbands and clips
  • Sorted by need – silverware sets stored all together, plastic and glassware stored in one space, hair doodads stored in one space

Know your storage style.  If you like things split out by the finest details, a large catch-all bin is not going to work for you.  On the other hand, if you’re not concerned with finite separation, but more concerned with being able to have a good space, medium and large storage bins are going to be your method.

Lock in and set that picture.

See your style in relation to your space.

Imagine the fun and funky small bins in a drawer to contain those hair doodads.

Picture your matched set of bowls on a shelf to contain those hair doodads.

Find your picture.

Put your picture into your mindset.

Visualize that picture you’ve locked down.  Know that the cute little organizing whatzit for spices that spins and looks so nice is not going to practically fit your routine.  A basket to store purchased spice bottles will better fit the time you can put into maintaining your organization.

Know that the large matching bins might be a good value, but you’re really looking for a smaller version for that space or item you want to store.  Do you get the mindset?

Don’t purchase a bulky armoire to hold a collection of 5 CDs in a 500 sq ft apartment.  Capiche?

Seriously.  Take that visualized organization mindset wherever you go.  Use it as your template when you’re shopping.  Use it as your reference when confronted with adding another item into your schedule.

If you can, make a picture of your floor plan and highlight the spaces that are not working and write on the back of the picture what sort of items are in that space and what you might use to corral them.

You can do it!  It’s all about having the mindset.

Dreamin’ Girl


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