Countdown to Family Time

Oh yeah!

Family!  :)

They’re coming.

This Dreamin’ Girl loves her some family time.  It’s a good thing, since Hubby and I have quite the number of family members overall.

You see, Hubby is one of eight kids, and I’m one of four.  Between us we have three sons, a daughter-in-law and a grandson.

Also, between us we have a total of over 75  nieces, nephews, great-nieces and great-nephews (and it’s time for a re-count, since we added four more just last year).

One of our sons, T, will be coming this weekend and bringing his lovely lady, S.

Big cheesy grins here!  I love me some family time.

Now, to figure out what foods to stock.  We don’t quite eat the same things, although they’ve been willing to dabble in my new diet during past visits.  Old expectations dictate that certain snacks are always stocked, favorite meals prepared, and quick breakfast grabs and drinks be available.

It’s sort of like stepping back in time.  It’s been many years now since our kids lived at home, and we spoiled them rotten in the food arena.  Not saying that’s a good thing:  Pepsi and Schwans sundae cones always stocked, Vienna sausages and Reese’s Pieces a common pantry item…  No wonder I had health issues, eh?

A little change is always good.  Don’t tell them, but I’m shopping for healthier items in snacks, and reading labels before I buy.  ;)

Dreamin’ Girl


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