Gettin’ It Done: Seed to Soil

It was a good week overall.

I had been itching and aching to work with that sterile soil mix batch I’d made.  I knew there’d be time on Sunday to play in the dirt.  :)

Then I attended a horticulture workshop on Tuesday.

It was good information, truly it was.  I realized that heat mats and fluorescent lights would greatly improve the odds for new seeds.  (I also realized that it’s not easy to find workshops that have an organic focus.)

The downside?  I found that my foot-dragging was akin to my lack of sleep:  if you don’t plant in time, you can’t catch up.  You’re simply better off not planting at all.  Sigh.

I had missed planting dates for several items.  What now?  What’s a practical gal to do in  a situation like this?

Yep.  You guessed it.  Plant ’em anyhow.

The great thing about this blog world is that I now have a graphic diary log of my stubborn trials and errors, so I can review them next year and learn from them, right?  Yeah.  Well, at least you can follow along and laugh with me.  I’m game.

Here’s the photo log from Sunday’s planting frenzy:

dreamin' girl at work

work area

The self-watering container is left uncovered on an unheated enclosed porch that gets east and south sun.  I’m hoping that the water reservoir will serve as a thermal mass, heated via passive solar design to maintain a favorable temperature.

It sounds like I know what I’m doing, if nothing else, right?  ;)

marked pots

plastic pots

The tomatoes and peppers and broccoli and beets are being grown traditionally.  The plant pots are indoors, set over a heat mat, with a fluorescent lamp hanging over them.

The marigolds and basil are on an unheated, enclosed porch that receives south and west sun.  They have covers to preserve some moisture and create a minimalist “greenhouse” environment.

The bucket of carrots is on its own.  It’s located on the same unheated enclosed porch, with south and west sun.

beyond the seeds

(I couldn’t resist that last shot.  These photo ops are giving me a chance to record the beauty I see around me.)

So… we’ll see how the seeding goes.

I didn’t get the stir I expected from Hubby.  Last year he threatened to buy a greenhouse and exile me to it throughout the seedling season!  I guess I had taken over the dining room…

There you have it, there’s the plan.  With no dining room takeover.  :)

Worst case:

I buy onion sets (probably will anyway) to put in the ground;

I reseed marigolds, from the 15 or so seed packets I have;

I await the volunteer basil and lettuce plants to show up where they will;

I replant carrots when the ground is ready. (Can you tell that I’m counting on my traditional starts?)

Overall, I think the learning experience will be valuable.

Granted, in a scenario where we were counting on this produce to see us through the season, I would not take the chances.  The way I see it, right now is a good time to figure it all out.



Dreamin’ Girl


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