Soapbox Sunday

Here we are again – it’s Sunday and I get my chance to blurt it out!

Today’s rant:  GMO.

Genetically Modified Organism.

Translated as the arrogance of mankind, who declares to Almighty that the original design was just not good enough.


I’m often surprised that we haven’t been drop kicked off the planet.

The reason the original design doesn’t work is due to MAN.

Rape and poison the soil

Pollute the environment

Misuse the water resources

And then declare natural plants and animals to be poor designs?  



I would just guess that years from now, we’ll see a need for many new medicines to cure the new diseases that will be seen.  Diseases that confound and puzzle mankind, because they’re too arrogant to look back to their design and see the cause:  GMOs.

I’m one person and against a swell of supporters I don’t stand a chance on a lobbying scale.

There are things, however, that I can do:

I will continue to nurture the soil in my backyard.  

I will continue to make good use of the water resources that I have.  

I will look for ways to produce energy that recycles, rather than pollutes.  

I will use the most natural of products to grow plants.

I will purchase meats and produce only from those sources that have the same anti-GMO principles.

What are you going to do?

Dreamin’ Girl

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