Soapbox Sundays

Forget politically correct.  

I’m putting on my editor-in-chef hat and declaring Sundays “Soapbox” day on Practicalities.

There you have it!  Expect to be stirred.  Disagreements are allowed.  Discussion is encouraged.  Agree if you want, but on Sundays, anything goes.

We’ll start with SPAM!

I’m not talking canned meat loaf here.  I’m talking about pervasive, invasive, crock of crap email and internet spam.

What’s up with that anyway?

What thrill do the perpetrators get from sending something that’s bound to be deleted or reported by 90% of the population?  (I hope I’m tossing out an accurate guess!)


That must be the answer.  Those 10% who are lured into the spam facade.

Is ignorance truly bliss in this case?

Spread the word, educate:  don’t click on it if you don’t personally know who sent it to you!!

I’ve also got an answer for those spammers who are found, those who are caught in the act.

  • Take them outside in extremely cold weather, with no coats, no hats, no gloves or scarves or protection.
  • Line them up and hold them at gunpoint – water gun point, that is.
  • Water guns filled with cold water, blasters.  Super sonic blasters!
  • Then BLAST them, mercilessly.

There, I’ve said it.  And I’m not taking it back.

Sundays are now dubbed “Soapbox Sunday”.


Dreamin’ Girl


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