Finally Friday!

Some weeks are longer than others!

Some days are longer than others!

Yeah for Friday.  Time to wind down and prepare for Shabbat.

I’ve been consumed with thoughts of gardening and hopes of spending time on Sunday mixing soil and starting seed containers.

I’m confounded though.

This winter, if we could truly call it winter, has been unseasonably warm for zone 4-5.  I’m not certain that it will be easy to follow standard planting time frames this year.

Too early daffodils in zone 4-5

This daffodil picture explains my concern.  We’re only halfway through February, and there is a flower prepared to bloom!

I’ll fess up – I’m certainly no pro at gardening.  I’m barely out of the novice stage.  What do I know?

Instinct has held up against almanacs in the past, so I’m paying close attention to my concerns.

On a lighter note, I snapped a picture of my planned metal container garden.  I can just imagine it bursting with summer fare.  :)

metal garden scape

The practical side of me set the containers to allow the drainage (each container has holes) to flow to the next container.

I haven’t decided what to plant in that old rusty wheelbarrow.  Whatever it is, it must have shallow roots.  I’m open to ideas (hint, hint).

Oh, and “shush”.  Hubby hasn’t seen this, so don’t tell him.  OK?

Happy Friday!

Dreamin’ Girl


4 thoughts on “Finally Friday!

  1. one thing you might consider is that the metal containers might heat up your soil quite a bit so I would plant plants that can really take the heat in them, or put the containers in the shade…I’m a novice as well, but that thought occurred to me when I was looking at your original blog on container gardening and now seeing them in the sunshine just reinforced that thought. I bet succulents would do well in the wheelbarrow! There are some succulents that create a web of roots–like moss does. I don’t know what they are now, but I remember there was SOME kind of succulents that do that! Or…maybe placing the wheel barrow some where close to something that you could plant a vining plant that could grow around and over and up and around?–maybe something that smells nice and attracts bees to the yard–such as honeysuckle? Just brainstorming here….but it sure does make me feel like getting out and looking around my yard as well. I, too have been dreaming about all the many things I want to do in my yard, but you have inspired me to use some of the things I consider as junk and put them to use as containers! Thanks Dreamin’ Girl!


    • You’re right about those metal containers! I’m hoping to plant summer squash, cucumbers, sweet potatoes and peppers in them. They’ll get partial shade, as they’re tucked toward the tree line, but those closest to the water trough will get the most sun.

      I was thinking that I’ll need to mulch well at the base to keep Hubby happy. Less items to have to mow or weed-eat. Perhaps some petunias at the base would perk it up?

      The sweet potatoes will be in the washstand, so they’ll cascade nicely when mature.

      Great idea to have succulents in the wheelbarrow. I wonder if alyssum could handle the heat to grow alongside them?


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